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LED Motorway Lighting


With motorways continuing to have the highest average traffic flow than any other transport, it’s important to keep these major roads well lit with little maintenance to avoid further accidents and disruption. INUI LED Street lighting ticks these necessary points, and below we explain the main reasons why switching over to LED bulbs is the best option for the long-run.

Energy Saving

The current climate insists we need to save as much energy as we can, and with the change to energy efficient lighting, we can make such a big impact in our day-to-day lives. By replacing bulbs on motorways we save a lot of energy, as they are approximately 53% more energy efficient due to saving 700 tonnes of carbon every year. Saving of this much carbon is equivalent to powering 20,000 homes and 389,000 loads of washing!

Less disruption on roads with LED 

With automatic controls, contractors are less likely to cause disruption on the roads as they are able to fix settings in remote areas. LED Street lights require little to no maintenance because of their lifespan being double to that of the conventional bulb, therefore this responsibility would happen less frequently, make LED bulbs more convenient for workers. Not only is traffic disruption lessened, but collisions are also decreased due to bright, visible signs that will help drivers be more aware and alert.

Safety is key when driving on main roads. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for lighting fixture replacements on motorways, visit our Products page.

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