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Ferrari Showroom Birmingham LED Upgrade

The idea of this update for the Ferrari Showroom Birmingham LED Upgrade was targeted from three angles. The first being to rectify the problems they were having with the original installation due to expensive and short life lamps. The second was to reduce the energy consumption for the showroom. Finally to improve the overall look with a more sharper daylight look to the showroom.

The showroom comprised of 70w CMT fittings together with T5 seamless tubes around the pelmet and edge trim lighting. Both types were consistently blowing lamps which in turn made it impossible to colour match once replacement lamps were fitted.  The showroom lighting was replaced with INUI LEDDL180 fittings colour 4100K. The pelmet lighting was replaced with INUI LED150T5M fittings colour 4100K and the edge trim lighting was replaced with INUI LEDPAN1512 fittings colour 4100K.

The running costs of the original lighting installation was around £4680.00 pa based on 10p/Kw

The running costs of the INUI LED installation is around £1879.00pa based on 10p/Kw this shows a saving of around £2800.00 pa

Finally you will see from the before and after images that the showroom has lost that warn yellow tinge and now has the brighter white look about the place. this is all thanks to the INUI installation and design team.

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