Dear Customer,

       As the COVID-19 coronavirus situation continues to develop, we would like to reassure you about

       the actions we are taking to ensure we continue to provide a ’business as usual’ service.

             • Our online store remains open and will continue working as normal. You can

                continue to order online at for delivery to a location of your choice.

             • Deliveries from our warehouse will continue as normal. However, we would ask

                that if we are making deliveries to a location where people are self-isolating you let

                us know so we can be prepared and identify how to safely make the delivery and

                where best to leave the package with our DPD courier service.

             • We are in constant communication with our suppliers and are not currently

                experiencing any significant disruption to our supply chain now that they have

                returned to work. Our online store has good levels of stock and these are being

                constantly replenished. Again, if anything changes, we will keep you fully informed


Whilst we aim to run our operations as normal, health and wellbeing is our top priority and at the

heart of every decision we make. We will be doing everything we can to help reduce the

transmission of COVID-19 coronavirus by taking the following steps:


              • We will continue to follow government recommendations to ensure we are doing

                 what we can to help slow the spread of the virus

              • We will maintain good hygiene practices by following NHS guidance and

                 recommending that our workforce continue to thoroughly wash their hands on a

                 regular basis

              • We have made sure that our cleaning and hygiene protocols are even more

                 rigorous than usual, including making sure that all public areas, desks,

                 telephones and keyboards are cleaned more frequently with disinfectant

              • As a further protective measure, we have replaced all physical and non-critical

                business meetings with conference / video calls.



If you have any unanswered questions, issues or concerns please contact us via email or give us

a call during normal business hours.


The continued wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and suppliers remains our highest priority.

INUI appreciates your support and understanding during these unusual times.


Keep safe and healthy,

Martin Cross



For more information on COVID-19 coronavirus, please visit the Department of Health & Social

Care website.