INUI Launches in Ireland

INUI UK has teamed up with Litho Circuits Limited in Limerick Ireland to launch the INUI IE branch of the business.

We will bring quality LED products to the Ireland market at incredibly competitive prices. Litho Circuits Limited already have a well established name within the electronic circuit board industry,  not only in Ireland but also internationally. Over the last twelve months we have been working closely with them to the point that INUI Launches in Ireland.


INUI Launches in Ireland



INUI IE will be launching the new website at the beginning of September. We are very pleased with how the website is looking already. INUI IE Launches in Ireland with a fully point of sale e-commerce website which allows out customers in Ireland to buy directly from the website.

Prices will be based in Euros and vat will be based at the standard IE rates.


INUI IE Launches in September 2018

We have spent a great deal of time talking and listening to our customer base in Ireland. One thing that stuck out more than any other, was that, companies that launches within Ireland simply inflate product prices. The prices become inflated so much that customers find it more profitable to simply buy from the UK.


By launching INUI IE we are aiming to stop this issue and make it more profitable for Ireland based companies. Ireland based customers can now buy direct from INUI IE.