As the world continues to take steps in becoming ‘greener’, governments are committing to reducing CO2 emissions and bringing in environmental rules and regulations to ensure that we look after our planet. As the issue becomes a bigger part of everyday life, more and more consumers and businesses are expecting their suppliers to follow suit and be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.

We’re all aware of our responsibility when it comes to our carbon footprint, but did you know that lighting accounts for 20% of all the energy consumption in the UK? Not only that, but it can take up as much as 35% of the average businesses electricity consumption. This is one of the reasons why many businesses are making the smart switch and investing in solutions such as LED lighting. It’s arguably the best place to start with going ‘green’.

Can LED lighting save a business money?

The simple answer is yes - absolutely. LED lighting has the potential to reduce lighting costs by as much as 90%, saving businesses thousands and providing a great return on investment. As it’s incredibly efficient, LED lighting can dramatically reduce a building’s energy usage, resulting in cheaper bills. In fact, something as minor as a 20% reduction in energy costs can add the same benefit as a 5% increase in sales for a business.

LED Lighting in Offices



Another plus point is that LED lights are much tougher and more durable than their predecessors, meaning much lower maintenance costs and an impressive operating lifespan. Some LED lights can last around 70,000 hours which is 8 to 10 times longer than standard lights.

Going green

Organisations such as the Carbon Trust are encouraging many businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and with new regulations around environmentally-friendly solutions being introduced, companies will soon have to comply. Many modern offices already use renewable energy systems such as solar panels and LED lighting is the perfect add-on to this, as they are often efficient enough to run on renewable energy alone during the day.

Amazingly, LED lighting is pollutant-free with no mercury, no lead, no glass and no toxic materials, making them 100% more recyclable whilst also reducing waste costs. They create an impressive 4 times less environmental impact than incandescent or halogen lighting, whilst also emitting little to no heat. This is because LEDs pass electrons through a semiconductor and consequently have no filament to wear out, meaning they don’t get as hot. You may be surprised to learn that traditional lighting loses almost 95% of its energy just by producing heat but with LED, this figure drops massively to just 5%. It’s also worth considering that with less heat to combat in the summer months, it’s likely that your office’s air conditioning costs will also reduce.

LED Lighting in Offices

Perks of the job

One of the most attractive elements of LED lighting for offices are the health benefits, including increased productivity. People working within offices are far more aware of the health implications of bad lighting these days, with eye strain and migraines at the top of the list of concerns. It is of course an employer’s prerogative to look after their staff and the right office lighting is more important than you might first think. A better light environment has been proven to increase work performance, with less spelling errors and improved reading speeds!

So, if you imagine your office is 1000 square feet and contains 40 lights, all at 40 wattage. Based on a typical £0.1 kilowatt per hour, your existing electricity consumption stands at 14.720 kWh, leaving your running costs per year at £537.28.

By switching to LED lighting, your new electricity consumption, (based on a 60% reduction over your current lighting installation wattage required for office use), would be 5.89 kWh, with your running costs at a much lower £214.91 - saving you more than 50%! As a result, your total annual savings would be an impressive £322.37, with your CO2 emissions savings left at 1386.18 (based on a conversion factor of 0.43kgCO2/kWh).

See the light

With LED lighting earning its title as the best alternative to natural lighting, it’s not difficult to see why businesses are turning to this technology to light their offices. It couldn’t be easier, as LED’s can simply be retrofitted into existing fixtures. The bigger the office, the bigger the potential savings!

So, if you haven’t already then don’t delay the smart switch to LED lighting within your office. With the help of INUI’s LED lighting calculator, you can estimate the savings your business could make by switching to an LED solution over traditional incandescent bulbs.


LED Lighting in Offices