LED SOX Lamp for direct replacement

INUI now offers the LED SOX lamp for direct replacement for LED street lamps. The ideal replacement for those orange style SOX lamps which are becoming obsolete

They come on instantly and give a much better colour-rendering index to the area in question. The LED SOX lamp has a 30-40% saving compared to LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) lights.


LED SOX Lamp for direct replacement

With BC and ES base cap options for this LED SOX lamp it makes for an easy switch to LED. Using the high output Bridgelux LED Chip this LED SOX lamp is delivering an impressive 95Lm/W (Lumens Per Watt).

Every day the earths resources are becoming harder to abstract. The gases used in the original SOX lamp is one such product. This is why you are finding it harder as well as very expensive to buy the old gas SOX lamps.

The old "Orange" look of street lighting is now a thing of the past as well as being a major contributor to light pollution.

Take a look across the skyline at night now where LED lighting has been installed and what it the most noticeable thing you see?

Before you would have known where every town and city was across the horizon by it's distinctive orange glow. This is all changing, we are seeing a massive reduction in light pollution. The INUI LED SOX lamp for direct replacement for LED street lamps is helping to make those changes.

LED Correct colour choice


The LED SOX lamp comes in the 3000 Kelvin warm white option or the 4500 Kelvin natural daylight white as well as the 6000K cool bright white.

When making the CCT colour choice it is worth bearing in mind if you have CCTV in use. Moving over to LED SOX lamps will enhance the CCTV picture imagery by making the right choice of colour.

If your unsure then give the team at INUI LED a call and we will make sure you get the right LED SOX lamp for direct replacement for your LED street lamps.