Our Street Lighting products have been voted some of the very best on the market.

By introducing some high quality Street Lighting products to the UK market we have become one of the top LED suppliers in the country. Not only do we create the highest quality products, we also bring them to the market at unbeatable prices.



Street Lighting



Time and time again we get asked why our products are so cheap.

The answer is simple:- our overheads low, the packaging simple, high quality branded recognised LED chips and top quality LED Drivers.

We don't have on the road rep's, our website will be the most up to date tool to hand 24/7. The website is there for you to browse when You want. Not when some Rep is bombarding you with brochure after brochure.

Our packaging is plain & simple, if we can, it will be recycled. We believe in protecting the environment as much as possible so we ask that our customers recycle packaging also. As long as your products arrive safely then fancy packaging only adds to your product cost.

Unlike some suppliers out there, we know every single manufacturing stage of all of our products. We know every component stage of the products we sell. From the casing manufacturer through to the construction stage. This includes the high quality LED chip with a full LM79 & LM80 reports.


LED Product Construction

One of the important and greatly over looked element is the LED Driver make. If the product your buying has a data sheet and they are not giving you the brand name of the LED Driver, ask why. It's simple, there is only one reason why you would not tell your customers what LED Driver you are using. In most cases when you are not told of the driver brand, this is because a cheap and un-branded one has been used.

When you have something of quality in your products be it our street lighting or any of our other products. you will shout about it and tell your clients about this quality. In as many cases as possible we will use brands such as Meanwell


Adjustable Spigots


The UK Street Lighting market consists of 96% of it's poles with a 76mm diameter head. We have one of the largest selections of Spigots as well as adjustable type options.




There is also the options for double, triple and quad head fixings should the need arise.