INUI have a unique 150mm LED Panel Range

We have been supplying this 150mm LED Panel Range to the UK market now with some fantastic results for our clients.

The 150mm LED Panel Range starts at the 150x300mm through to the 150x1200mm size and comes with various power options.

The smallest of the 150mm panels starts at 12-watt with the 1200mm size going up to 40-watt.

150mm LED Panel Range


We also offer every wattage with a number of different dimming options from simple Triac to 1-10v as well as DALI, which just shows the versatility of this 150mm LED Panel Range.


This 150mm LED Panel Range also comes with any CCT colour choice at no extra cost, unlike some suppliers who will only offer a limited colour options before they then start to charge you a premium.


The Spring Clip Frame Option with the 150mm LED Panel Range


The INUI installation team soon realised that the 150mm LED Panel Range would be perfect for installing neatly between the ceiling joists.


By introducing the spring clip frame option to the150mm LED Panel Range, we opened up a whole new concept for the LED panel that had never been available before.




By simply trimming the ceiling, be it plaster board, wood ceiling or ceiling tiles the 150mm LED Panel Range is then fitted neatly into the hole and the LED panel fits close to the ceiling.


This leaves the LED panel fitted flush into the ceiling the very same as a normal downlight.




With the White frame finish, this makes for a real impressive finish to any installation.


The finishing lip on this LED Panel Range with the spring clip frame is a mere 3mm, making the panel almost invisible in the ceiling when off.


The 150mm Panel with it's spring clip frame is also ideal for a Vaulted ceiling where normal lighting installations are just impractical.