INUI SE Street Light is our most popular

This unique mould has proven that the INUI SE Street Light is our most popular to date.


INUI SE Street Light is our most popular


Great care has gone into the development of the INUI SE street light. This has been addressed from every angle. The unique look about the light was the first consideration. We listened to our customers in the design and look of the body and we feel we got it right.

The fin cooling system took into account the IK requirements for street lighting. This in-turn helps prolong the life of the LED chips when cooling is done correctly. As with most of our popular LED products we insisted on this product using the LUXEON 3030 Chip. By using this we have been able to put this out at 125 Lumens Per Watt.

The INUI EESL LED lens technology has an 8% light efficiency higher than any other on the market today. The SE Street EESL Lens also has a higher light transmittance rate of up to 98%.

LED Chip Set

With the reliable LUXEON 3030 Chip we are supplying this with 125Lm/W which out performs our competitors. To add even more performance to this already quality street light we also offer the LUXEON 5050 Chip. When using the Philips 5050 chip option this steps up to a massive 150Lm/W.

This option of the 3030 chip or the 5050 chip is across the full SE range of street lights.


LED Driver

As with almost all of our products we have designed this with the Meanwell Driver as the driving force. The INUI SE Street Light is our most popular and this has been achieved with every component we have used. With the Meanwell HLG driver installed we have been able to bring the 30-60-watt to our customers at the same price.

All of this combined means the SE Street Light has a full 5-year warranty so you can fit with confidence.


IES Files

Both the 30-60-watt and 100-150-watt have the downloadable IES files for working with RELUX. This will enable you as a designer/installer to supply accurate and concise designs for your clients time and time again.