Introducing Our New Range of LED Driverless Products

INUI is always looking to expand it's range which has seen the introduction of the LED Driverless Products.  INUI offer customers the latest technologies and solutions to any lighting issues they may be having. We are proud to present our new LED driverless range.

We have consistently introduced the most advanced lighting products to the market, at competitive prices. The driverless range is no different! Our policy is reliability, the LED Driverless range is a step further to giving our customers just that.

A number of companies have been working on projects similar to ours. Many of these do not treat reliability as a key element in the design and manufacturing of these lights. High-failure rates are common industry problem.

We carefully consider each stage of the design, manufacturing and delivery processes of our new driverless LED products. This ensures suppliers and customers get the best product available every time!

By removing the LED Driver, the only serviceable item remaining is the LED chip board.

Inui’s First Driverless Product: The UFO High Bay


LED Driverless Products


Removing the LED driver, reduces the chance of failure by 50%. The UFO High Bay uses the latest technology which allows us to go driver free. It’s the first in a range of products that will be released in the coming weeks and months by Inui.

By introducing a set of IC circuitry within the LED chipboard we are able to go driverless. This controls the mains voltage and turn this into a reduced DC voltage for the LED chips.

One of the main factors that must be strictly maintained throughout our product range is in the importance of the earth connection and continuity.

We intend on making more of our proposed list of products available over the coming months. You can find out about the latest updates and products within our news bulletin.