We now supply you with Accessories to help with the LED installation

Our incredible prices for Accessories can now help with the LED installation

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We have listed to our customers so that we can now supply some of the main Accessories to help with the LED installation when buying our products

With this news feed we will attempt to show you just what we can supply you at the fraction of the cost to what you would normally be paying from many regular wholesalers

When making those connections inside your joint box or housing then the general contractor favourite is the "Wago" snap connectors.



Accessories to help with the LED installation


The three way units in both option types giving you more versatility if space is tight when using these simple and quick connectors.


Accessories to help with the LED installation


These products come in packs of 10 at incredible prices. These can be sent out at the same time as your LED products.

Installation times are also a big part of making the return on investment work for your clients.

Our customers have been buying the IP68 connector boxes, another product we felt our customers would benefit from.


Accessories to help with the LED installation


This will be supplied with the triple terminal block included and IP68 glands

Another simple and neat option is the ever expensive IP68 three way through gland connector.

Wholesalers are charging incredible prices for this simple product and we still can not understand why.




This is why we felt it time to bring Accessories to help with the LED installation at sensible prices.

Yes we are an LED high grade lighting suppler. If our products are then having to be costed in with ridiculous accessories from other wholesalers. This will then reduce your profit margins as well as reduce your clients ROI.


One of the big favourites with our regular customer is the "Green Click Plug"

20amp loop in


With the added "Loop-in" pin this makes for the perfect solution for both simple and quick installation as well as quick an easy isolation should maintenance be required at anytime.