Braunstone Town Council LED Lighting Upgrade


We recently worked with Braunstone Town Council, as one of the areas that fell within the boundaries of their maintenance was the towns lighting. It was decided that these areas would be upgraded to more energy efficient LED Street Lighting.


The areas included the Lakin Drive Community Centre and the footpath to the rear. The second area was the Kingsway Civic Centre and the short footpath to the rear.


Both areas were suffering with light failures, resulting in very low light levels. This was making them unsafe, both because of the  low light level making it difficult to see, and because of the possibility of anti-social behaviour.


Both areas had old style MH or SON fittings, which were both old and in desperate need of repair due to the number of failures. Following a site visit from INUI, a proposed LED replacement package was put forward. The proposal not only put everything back in full working order but also gave an overall energy saving of just over 55% and an almost zero maintenance factor.



Before Images


Thorpe Astley Community Centre Carpark, 150w MH Lights



Thorpe Astley rear footpath old 70w SON lights





Kinsway Carpark lighting old SON 70w lighting



After Images


Old light on floor with new light installed



Old light on floor with new light installed


Lighting at the back of the Thorpe Astley Centre



Lighting in the Thorpe Astley Centre Carpark



Kingsway Centre carpark with new lighting



Footpath to rear of Thorpe Astley Centre



Footpath to rear of Thorpe Astley Centre



Footpath to rear of Thorpe Astley Centre



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