You can buy from us direct at trade prices

INUI has a policy that we feel makes it fair for every shopper. This means you can buy from us direct at trade prices once you have opened your account on the website.


Buy from us Direct at Trade Prices

If you have found our website then you are half way there to buying at Trade Prices.

Ask yourself the following questions:-

1) Are interest rates that good that going through a third party to purchase our products to get the 30-day before payment going to be cost effective?

Answer: Of course not, and the high mark-up placed onto our trade prices could see you paying up-to 60-80% of our list prices based on some third party suppliers.

2) Can you have an account with us?

Answer: Yes you open your own account with us on the website

3) Can you have credit with us?

Answer: Yes, simply complete the down-loadable credit application form and return to us and we will put you on our 30-day credit terms. (subject to credit score checks)


Buy from us Direct at Trade Prices

This is why you can buy from us direct at trade prices

The pricing structure we work to is designed for you to get the best possible value form the very beginning.

The reason you want to shop with us as we see it is for the following:-

1) We do not hype up the prices to make it look like you are given high percentage discounts.

2) We pass on every bit of discount possible to you the customer

3) You receive expert advice when choosing your products; we will not over sell you our products.

4) We have a free Relux design team to help you make the right choice.

This is why more and more customers now realise that you can buy from us direct at trade prices.

If you have taken the time to find our website, then take a little time looking further and you can see that we have made this as simple as possible to shop with us.

You will quickly realise that our prices when put together with the quality of our products will simple be very hard to beat. Yes there is cheaper out there but make sure you understand the basics when it comes to LED quality.

When you call the INUI team you will be talking to a fully qualified electronics engineer, not just a sales person who is trying to get you to part with as much as possible. Which is why you will get most of the time when buying through a third party.

This is yet another reason we insist that you can buy from us direct at trade prices.