Lighting Upgrade at Caribbean Court, Antigua - Case Study

INUI recently had the opportunity to completely upgrade the lighting design for a tennis court in Antigua in the Caribbean. Sun, sea, and glorious beaches is what this paradise island is all about, so we needed to allow the residents of Antigua to enjoy the weather, day or night!

New Caribbean Court Lighting

We installed our handy LED Modular Flood Lights, suitable for a range of sport performance stadiums including smaller areas, like tennis courts. They are fitted with the Luxeon 5050 Chip that delivers 180 Lumens Per Watt, allowing our client to optimise dimming options for the perfect lighting in future matches. Not only do these come in various pack units (from 30-watt to 1000-watt), but they also come with the Meanwell HLG/ELG driver for a solid 5-year warranty - a safety guard for our clients.

Modern LED Lights fitting

Our flood lights come with a clean white finish for a modern design for any area. As you can see below, they provide bright lighting across the court, making visibility much better for night matches. During the day, it’s sleek look enhances the court’s contemporary feel, and our clients were very happy with the upgrade results.

[caption id="attachment_4052" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Our LED Modular Flood Lights during the day...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4054" align="aligncenter" width="600"] ...and at night![/caption]

For more information on how to achieve this upgrade, or wanting to know more about our products, give us a call or email today.