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Here at INUI our team are working to help bring LED products to the UK market at realistic prices so that our customers can look to speed up that ROI (Return On Investment)

By Creating you free account with us you are then one step away from buying your LED products at Wholesale prices.

Contractors and installers often fear approaching their suppliers because they mistakenly believe that wholesalers will only trade with established, fairly large retailers.

Well with INUI, this is not the case. You don’t need to have a shop or even be in charge of an office full of staff to buy from INUI at wholesale prices.

We are as happy to sell to sole traders, as we are to large corporations.


By their very nature, almost all wholesalers will state they are for ‘trade only’, but if you plan to buy stock and sell it on.

You are technically a trader – you don’t need to have a limited company behind you to be eligible.

This is why we ask you to create your free account today, buy at wholesale prices.

One this we will not do here at INUI is mark up our prices to then offer you false discounts. All of your prices are discounted so that you can see just exactly what you should be paying.

We here comments such as "the prices are so cheap, does that mean they are substandard"

The simple answer to this is "No"

Are prices are low because we have smaller over heads and we are not over pricing the products.

Unlike a lot of wholesalers and other LED distributors, we know every fine detail of our products. Want to know more about INUI products