INUI now offers a full Design and Installation service for all its LED products

Any serious LED project should undertake a full Design and Installation so as to form part of the commissioning process.

We have been finding more and more that even though we can supply LED products at some of the most competitively priced throughout the UK.

Due to high price mark-ups from some well known wholesalers it was still proving almost impossible for end users to be able to afford the switch to LED lighting.

Even bypassing those highly priced wholesalers and coming straight to us.

In some cases it was then proving expensive due to over priced installation costs.


 Design and Installation


So our design and installation team have now decided that we will offer this full package from first point of contact through to the final switch on.

It's all well and good investing your hard earned profits into an LED lighting project.

But if this project is then not installed correctly by qualified engineers who know about LED products, your hard earned profits could easily be wasted.


Things to consider when making the change over to LED lighting


When a project such as a switch over to LED lighting is undertaken.  It is simple not just a matter of "changing a bulb" as some wholesalers and contractors would have you believe.

The first stage "The Design" forms the most important part of the project.

If this is not done how can you know if the correct  product will be installed.

We have had some contractors come to us with advise from wholesalers. The most common being "I need to fit an LED fitting that is half the wattage of the original".

There are many different factors to consider when this first design stage is carried out.

This is where our design team will work with you. This is to make sure you do not over spend and get the right product for the right application.

The second stage "The Installation" will play a major part in achieving your ROI as quickly as possible.

This is why the whole Design and Installation service we offer here at INUI can cut out most of these ill advised pointers as well as ridiculously expensive installation costs.

INUI has a Design team that will be happy to put together a full RELUX lighting plan for you. This in turn will then form the final installation for you form are fully qualified installation team.