The benefits for you when buying on lease with our finance purchasing solution tool

When considering an upgrade of your lighting to LED there are many options open when it comes to financing this type of investment.

INUI has now been given the opportunity to allow you, the customer, to buy on lease.

This is done simply by using our online finance purchasing solution tool

Here are the main benefits to help you make the decision to lease LED lighting and then you are just a Click To Finance away


  • Tax Deductible - All the payments made under a lease are treated as an operating cost and therefore reduce the taxable profit of the business by 100% of the charges


  • Leasing payments are fixed payments -  All of the leases offered are on a fixed payment basis and remain constant irrespective of what happens to the bank base rates, this leads to accurate budgeting.


  • Earn as you pay -  The majority of capital asset acquisitions are for one of two purposes; to make money or to save money. No major upfront costs with a lease means the business can obtain the LED lighting and then experience the savings, which in turn is offset to pay the future lease rental.


  • No major upfront costs -  There is no need for a major capital outlay to acquire the new LED products. Just s small deposit by direct debit is at that is required. This is all simply calculated by clicking on the finance purchasing solution tool link.


  • Alternative funding source.  By using leasing to acquire the LED products, end users protect other lines of credit, such as loans or overdraft facilities and conserve any capital available.


  • Ability to have the best product.  The cheapest option is rarely the best option in the medium to long term when choosing LED lighting products. By using a finance purchasing solution lease option and paying for it out of future savings or profits. This is easier for the end user to rationalise the more expensive, better quality product. The 'quick fix' cheapest option is often a 'false economy'.


  • As an approved vendor  we have access to an online finance purchasing solution tool. This means we are able to give you an immediate response. We have access to a secure online proposal tool that can offer instant finance decisions for you. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for extra piece of mind.


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