Hong Kong Lighting Fair was yet another successful trip for both our engineers as well as our buying team

Hong Kong Lighting Fair

We would just like to thank our hosts at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair for a your unprecedented hospitality yet again. You made our whole team extremely welcome.

Our research and development team will be in Guangzhou in June 2015 together with our engineers. We will be talking with new suppliers as well seeking out potential new products.

At INUI believe in core values for visiting the Hong Kong Lighting Fair which are:-

Quality:- We have listened to our customers and set out to seek the quality products they are asking for.

Reliability:- We instruct our manufacturers how we want the products to be assembled from the casing to the driver and finally to the LED chip.

Packaging:- One thing we have never done is waste money on expensive brand name packaging when all this does is get recycled the same as the inexpensive unbranded.

Supply Chain:- We check every step of the process from the sourcing of the LED chips to assembly onto the shipping and then the final courier stage to your door.

Whilst visiting the Hong Kong Lighting Fair our development engineers are in regular discussions for future products and ideas that will be arriving in the UK in the near future.

The global lighting product market is growing annually and has seen an increase from 3 to 5% and by 2020 this will see sales in the region of £80bn world wide.

Whilst Asia represents the largest part of the global LED lighting market, China accounts for almost 25% of this market share.

This is why we have built a solid foundation with our trusted manufacturers in China so as to help this market grow which is why the Hong Kong Lighting Fair is a strong bond for the UK markets.

Finally, we were privileged to see some of the most beautiful Orient Sun Sets over Victoria Harbour whilst we were at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair.

Honk Kong Lighting Fair