Down Loadable IES files now available on our products

All of our LED products have the IES files now available, which we have always supplied if requested or required for our clients.

Following on with the lighting design service we offer to our customers we also recognise the fact that most project designers wish to carry out this themselves.

Here at INUI we understand that getting the right product for the right application is key to securing the sale as well as generating repeat custom.

After all, if you don't get the design right you will be costing your customers money in many ways which in turn means you will lose their confidence.

By making our IES files now available for down load this not only makes it quicker to put your designs together.

We also feel this helps you build up the confidence in our products so that you can see just how well they can perform.


IES Files now Available


Over the coming month you will see a number of changes to the website as we introduce as many the "IES files now available" button for all our products.


IES files usable in RELUX Software

We carrying out a lighting design for clients it is important that every aspect of the design is correct. This is helped by using the correct files.

By implementing our IES files now available you can work in RELUX to produce all the necessary data sheet files required by architects and consultants.

We have an experienced team of LED Lighting installers who travel the length and breath of the UK & work with us to perform quality installations within the industry.


IES files now available

If you require any further help when using our IES files, contact our technical team on 01509 218963 or email us on [email protected]

So remember when deciding on which product to chose, you will see our IES files now available for full download to make that choice easier and more accurate.