The new INUI LED High Lumen bay lighting with 150 Lumens Per Watt is here.

Our new generation INUI LED High Lumen bay lighting range has been the work of our skilled R&D team combined with our ever reliable manufacturing department.


INUI LED High Lumen bay lighting

The LED-HLLB was designed around the demands and requirements for good, high powered, reliable warehouse isle lighting.

The uniquely designed lens makes for perfect light for high warehouse storage applications.

INUI LED High Lumen bay lighting

The compact rugged design means there is less chance of damage through pallet movements.

The LUXEON 5050 Chip used is giving a luminous output of 150 Lumens per Watt. With all our high output products we insist on the Meanwell driver.

This LED-HLLB also comes with the Meanwell 1-10v dimmable driver as a free option if required, unlike all other suppliers who will charge you a premium for this option.


INUI LED High Lumen Bay Lighting


This also makes for a perfect link to use our programmable microwave photocell dimming sensor if required. All this combined comes with our usual 5-year warranty.

The mechanical strength rating is to IK10 and with an optical tempered glass cover, to give a light transmittance of more than 97%.

The LED uses a newly developed high luminous efficiency LUXEON 5050 Chip to give more than 180lm/w.  The whole lamp has more than 150lm/w to give the best energy-saving efficiency.

The use of an asymmetrical optical lens reflector with a reflection efficiency of more than 95% helps with the oval spot forming light pattern via the matrix arrangement.

The effective light utilization is more than 95%, making illumination uniformity more than 0.5

The UGR is less than 25, making the most for a comfortable lighting environment.