INUI ST Series street light

With the combination of year’s of experience in street lighting, the INUI ST Series street light has been developed.

INUI ST Series Street Light

INUI ST Series street light


This new ST series is the result of a multi-disciplinary design study and it applies the latest technologies developed by INUI R&D.

The product's reliability and performance are the priority factors to be considered. They are verified and tested by INUI’s professionally qualified engineering team.

INUI follows the R&D step by step: from optical to mechanical and electronic design.

INUI monitors the development of LED technology and is constantly investing in it. This makes the INUI SC Series street light a fantastic result from this hard work.

The INUI ST series street light is equipped with INUI’s latest universal LED modules, delivering superb performance of LED Lighting and high reliability.



Reliable LED Lighting Technology


The INUI Reliable LED Lighting Technology provides significant advantages in terms of luminous efficiency. This is minimising losses refraction and reflection inside the optical system.


ST3070 Street Light


The INUI ST Series Street Light uses the NICHIA LED chip to give it a lumen efficiency of 125 lm/w.  Far out performing all of our rivals when it comes to quality, performance and value for money.

This system ensures a lower density of dirt and maintaining the luminaries performance for a long period.


LED Source Protection


As the key to guaranteeing the total life span of the luminaire, the protection of the LED source is the core topic in the designing of INUI luminaires.

The INUI ST Series street light has a carefully crafted cover and water proof rubber ring ensuring total IP66 rating of the whole product, as well as the Meanwell driver having its own IP67 rating.

INUI ST Series Street Light

It also protects the LED NICHIA chips from external agents and impacts.

The electrical internal protection of the INUI ST Series street light has self-isolating internal plug. When the ST Street Light body is opened it will be totally disconnected from the power.

Built into the circuitry of the light is the 10KV/20KV external surge protection device which acts as a double protection to the already heavily protected HLG Meanwell driver.


INUI LED High Lumen Bay Lighting


0-90°Bracket Adjustment

The angle of the bracket of the ST Series street light is Adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees to fit with different styles of poles. It also comes with the 60mm hole entry point.

This has the option of the side entry or top entry poles by simply removing and self-adjusting the bracket to suite.



Temperature Control


The heat and air can pass around the whole of the luminaire via the unique design of the module. This product also has a self-clean ability.

When it rains a small amount of the water will run across the lens cover to wash away any dust.

By the excellent heat radiation ability, the temperature rising of the INUI ST Series street light is only <26 °C.

The lamp can work in the environment from -40 °C to +50 °C. If the environment is +40°C, the maximise temperature on the lamp is +66 °C.

The NICHIA chips can afford +110 °C. This ensures the long life span and performance of the whole luminaire due to the excellent low junction temperature of the NICHIA chip.



Multiple Light Distribution Options


Street lighting should fit with a wide range of applications. Such as major highways, duel carriageways, single and double road widths as well as a walking path or car-parking areas.

Thus, INUI provides different power options for the ST Series street light to achieve different light distributions.




We have also packed this street light with the optional Photocell if required to make on/off work in line with the ever changing daylight hours of the UK.

The INUI ST series street light has two different size options with multiply power options for each size

The INUI ST Series street light has two size option with the ST 3070 at 763mm long and 352mm wide. The power options for this size start at 30-watt and go up to an impressive 70-watt.

The INUI ST Series street light higher power range, the ST9015, comes in at 763mm long and 352mm wide and starts at 90-watt finishing at a massive 150-watt.