Introducing the NEW LED Linear slim downlight

We are pleased to introduce the NEW LED Linear slim downlight.


LED Linear slim downlight


This new range is very slim and compact but it really does stand out from the crowd when it comes to quality. We have designed this around three different sizes.

The LED Linear slim downlight also have three power options to correspond to the sizes. The height and width for all three sizes are the same making for simple installation. The slim cutout size size is a mere 35mm wide. The height clearance is also only 48mm.

LED Linear slim downlight - INUI Downlight

The INUI LED Linear slim downlight has the Osram 3030 SMD chip. The Osram chip is capable of delivering up to 130 lumens per watt.

Our engineers have powered this slim downlight down because of the small compact nature. Heat dissipation is the key factor for making sure the LED chip has a long life and performs to its full potential.

For this reason we have designed the three sizes around a safe and quality lumen output level. We also recognise that in some applications there is the requirement for dimming. Based on this we offer all three sizes with every dimming capability from Triac to DALI.


Various applications


This slim downlight is used in countless applications from Retail to commercial. Other installations include Car Showrooms, Museums, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Fast Food outlets.

With the slim and flush fitting, this makes for a very unobtrusive LED Linear slim downlight for any installation.

LED Linear slim downlight

As can be seen, this has been built with a "Plug & Play" simplicity in mind to help with a fast installation.

By using the Lifud LED driver, the LED Linear slim downlight comes with a 5-year warranty across it's full range. We also offer this LED Linear slim downlight with a Meanwell LPF driver if required as well as the LCM DALI driver.