We have launched the new LED Sledge Street Light

We have taken the LED Sledge Street Light from 20-watt up to 160-watt and totally redesigned it from every aspect. The new casing design has the higher heat dispensation qualities over the old design. We have also incorporated the automatic isolation protection when opened, which the old design did not have.

LED Sledge Street Light from 20-watt up to 160-watt

LED Sledge Street Light from 20-watt up to 160-watt

The new LED Sledge also comes with the Lightening protection, again which the old design does not have. Due to the improved heat dissipation, our engineers have now been able to increase the CREE XTE chip levels to improve the lumen output to over 125 per watt. Our new Sledge comes in three models starting at 20-watt and going up to an impressive 160-watt. INUI have combined this with the Meanwell HLG driver and the whole package comes with a 5-year warranty.

The actions of how other companies behave, just to make you the customer pay more and we thought we should let you know how they go about doing this.

The back ground behind this new LED Sledge Street Light from 20-watt up to 160-watt was due to another lighting company. This company felt their bullying techniques of telling us what we can sell within the UK market was actually legal. INUI was in the process of removing the old LED Sledge Street Light. We had been listing it for over 3-years and felt that its overall look and build had shall we say, seen its day.


The company in question are actually Chinese based, but have a UK based section. They felt that by dictating to us a Chinese buying agreement they have. Will then constitute them the powers to tell us to remove the said product from our website. The truth of the matter was, we were selling this out of date product at a much lower price than they could compete with.


We were then sent a two line email with remarks that appeared very unprofessional for this None Versatile Company. We have since spoken with our legal team and requested the UK copy-write selling agreement. To date, we have had no reply, watch this space!