LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light, the right alternative

 LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light is an innovation in LED high bay lighting. Thinking outside the square, INUI designers have rejected COB for the smarter Phillips 3030 SMD design providing a smaller, lighter, and more powerful solution.

Reliability by design as well as a long maintenance free life is a vital value of the LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light.  As we know heat management governs LED life.

This means the UFO is perfect for even the toughest conditions.



Reliability guaranteed


The LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light inherent reliability is ensured by rigorous production line inspection and testing, and thorough our burn-in procedures.

We’re so confident with our LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light, we’ll gladly provide a five-year warranty.


Product selection – forget the guess work


Correct product selection is vital for the best lighting and financial outcomes. Don’t wrestle with the direct equivalent dilemma.


LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light



Come to INUI LED and request a photometric simulation for your installation.

Technical Data Sheets and IES photometry files are also available on request.


IES Files now Available


Superior payback, long term asset


The expense of a quality LED solution can often be recovered in as little as two years, depending on usage patterns. From that point forward, the savings go straight to the bottom line.


Those savings continue for many years, theoretically, as long as 23 years for a typical business profile. Have a look at the ROI page at INUI LED or send us the details and we’ll estimate it for you.



LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light, range & options


UFO Series offers ratings from 12,500lm to more than 25,000lm to match almost any application, each one rated at IP65.

The standard beam angle is 120 and 60 also available as required. Other options include Occupancy control, DALI and 1-10V dimming, ZigBee, Daylight sensor Control. Occupancy Control can increase energy savings to as high as 90%.


UFO-S Series High Bay Light



It ensures the UFO's are only ‘on’ when someone is present and to increase the light to a desired level.

This is where the LED UFO-S Series High Bay Light comes into its own. With a pre-formed body that is specially designed to take the Programmable Microwave dimmable sensor.