Saving money is a topic we all like to hear about, and if we can save money while helping to maintain our planet, then all the better. Making one small change to what type of light bulb you use in you home actively achieves both. The Energy Saving Trust tell us that although LED lighting may seem like the pricier option, it is worth the investment as the length of life they offer is far superior to that of regular light bulbs; and lets face it, any excuse to not have to change a light bulb is a positive one.


Simple maths says it all, the statistics from Which highlights that LED are monumentally better for the environment, using 90% less energy than other bulbs, including incandescents. Further to this, the age of turning on an eco-friendly light and having to wait for the bulb to warm up are long gone.
LED lights now give out a shining beacon instantaneously. Only adding to their ever increasing list of positive reasons to make the switch to LED lighting.