We have some New LED Products launched

Following another very successful product design season this year INUI has some New LED Products launched across its range. We have decided to bring these to our customers for the year ending 2019 going into 2010.


First in the New LED Products launch is the Mercury Street Light series.

INUI have listened to our customers and with your help we have developed the new MERCURY series streetlight. The new feature has the 76mm adjustable fixing spigot as standard. This means there is no need for extra items for this full range. There is the option for a 60mm adjustable entry spigot at no extra cost. Starting at 40-watt this goes to an impressive 200-watt. As you would expect from INUI we are using the Meanwell driver and the Luxeon 3030 chip for an impressive lumen per watt output. INUI have included the auto cut-off switch once the unit has been opened for added safety. This IP66 Mercury series has again surpassed our competitors on so many levels.


We have some New LED Products launched










Next in the New LED Products launch is the Car-Park Light Series

Based on experience we have worked together with our manufacturers to develop this perfectly aesthetically designed Car-park post top light. This unique design helps light distribution in a complete 360-degree pattern so as to avoid any shadowing. The shape of the light also discourages birds from settling on the lights that would usually occur. This CP-L series starts at 60-watt and can go up to an impressive 240-watt. By using the high-power LED chip, we are achieving over 160-lumens per watt. INUI has also designed this light around the tried and tested Meanwell Driver for a solid 5-year warranty.


We have some New LED Products launched











Next in the New LED Products launch is the High Temperature Resistant Series

INUI's high temperature resistance (HTRL) LED light is designed with customize materials with our own unique technology for extraordinary heat applications, it can be subjected to high temperatures up to 90 Degree Celsius (194 Fahrenheit) and widely used for foundry, smelting plants, paper mills, oil & gas station and Chemical plants as well as many areas that are subject to extreme heat exposed conditions for long periods of time. With an under driven driver, meaning it only uses 50% capacity of the rated power to reduce the heat production, for example, the 100w LED light uses a 200w power supply. This HTRL range starts at 100W and increases up to an all impressive 400-watt, delivering an incredible 64,000 Lumens.


New LED Products launched








We are not finished here, we have got some exciting new products due for release in the first quarter of 2020 and we are now in the final stages of completing the testing and certification. Enjoy your shopping experience with us and we look forward to bringing you our next product update post in 2020.