Single Pass LED UVC Escalator Sanitisation

With the Covid-19 heavily in our thoughts during these worrying times we set our minds to task the rapid Single Pass LED UVC Escalator Sanitisation. We see people hesitant about following people onto the escalator not knowing if to touch the handrail for fear of the covid-19 virus.


INUI looked at their competitors in this market and quickly realised that anything other than the handrail being sanitised in one single pass of the LED UVC light would simply not be acceptable. At the time of this problem being brought to the attention of our design team we found that the current leader in the market had a product that sanitised the handrail in over 5 revolutions, which meant no one could technically get back onto the escalator until it had been round 5 times before it was clean and free from any possible contamination.


Constant development

We have continued to develop our products and much like todays ever changing problems, we continue to push the boundaries with small changes to this product to keep as far ahead against this virus as possible. The heat sink has been redesigned to allow for higher irradiance with the same size product. The Chip Board has seen new design techniques, allowing us to increase the output by as much as 60%. 

Even with these new design features for our Single Pass LED UVC Escalator Sanitisation, as you would expect from INUI the prices are the best on the global market for this totally unique product.  



Single Pass LED UVC Escalator Sanitisation Light




The challenge was set and in a matter of weeks INUI had solved the problem and are now the world leaders in how to fully sanitise the handrails on any escalator in use today. The reassurance that as the handrail comes around from under the mechanism it has been sanitised using the INUI Linear-10675 LED UVC light.


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