The Universal Emergency Pack has finally arrived.

Finally our new universal emergency pack will work with all of our LED products, up to a maximum of 250-watt.

This will work with all our LED products form 10-watt right up to 250-watt

Universal Emergency Pack


INUI and the development team have been working on this for some time now.

This opens the doors for so many of our LED products that were never available with emergency options.

From the very popular 10-watt down light

Universal Emergency Pack for 10-watt down light


Right up to the high powered HBG High Bays

[caption id="attachment_765" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Programmable Photocell Dimmable Control LED HBG High Bay[/caption]


This Universal Emergency Pack will work with any LED product from 10-watt, up to a maximum of 250-watt

The added bonus is,  if you already have some of our LED products in place or even your own from another source,  this will work with those products.


The INUI Universal Emergency Pack has the very latest High Temperature Li-ion battery.

This unit also has an on board test button together with the LED charging indicator light.

This ultra compact unit is very light as well as compact, in one metal housing. We also offer a fire sock so that it can be removed from the metal housing and installed into smaller locations if required.

The great selling point about this new universal emergency pack,  it comes in with a price at under £50.00.

We now fully tested the Universal Emergency Pack on all our LED products. We have found this to work above and beyond the 3 hour time requirements for the UK market.

With the emergency pack being compact it makes for a quick and simple solution.

This means no more expensive extras to turn your LED products into an emergency fitting.

Why not simply turn any of our LED panels directly into a full emergency fitting by simply fitting the plug and play universal emergency pack

Universal Emergency Pack

For more information about our new Universal Emergency Pack, call one of the team at INUI who will be only to pleased to help.