Due to the continuing air freight and sea container cost increases that are currently being made by the freight companies. INUI has reluctantly taken the steps to revised its online prices and list as an Urgent Announcement. 

As regular shoppers with us, you will know that over the years we have held our prices at some of the most competitive within the UK market. this is why we felt strongly to give this Urgent Announcement.

These freight cost increases have also come about due to the EU making the movement of goods through the customs network more difficult. This has also forced road haulers to increase their costs.  With the added shortage of global containers, which are not moving back to there original destinations to be re-loaded, this has also had an impact on sea freight. 


Urgent Announcement



Even though we have seen an increase in the raw materials for LED products, INUI has kept its promise to hold the product cost as a whole fixed. The only price increases you will see across our whole range will be indirectly linked to the price increases that we have imposed on all our air and sea freight, which we apologise for, but hope you understand based on this detailed explanation.

What we can also assure our customers is that should we see this higher than usual freight charges start to come down then we will be the first to reflect this in our pricing structure.