We are announcing some new products in May which will enhance a number of our ranges


We are very pleased with the results that our manufacturers and engineers have been powering on it terms of new and updated products for the UK market.

INUI is constantly working closely with our clients and listening to understand what the requirements are.

Based on this we can grow our product line to suite and help get the best out of our manufacturers and engineers.


Some of the new products we will be introducing



As you can see form this list we are announcing some new products in May and feel that they will be a fantastic step forward in some key areas.
We are announcing some new products in May light this High Powered Panel Range




With the continuing improvements both with LED Chip Lumen output and Driver reliability, it makes sense that we continually update and improve where possible our line of products.


Some key areas of improvement


Some of the main reasons we are announcing some new products in May is because we have moved over to the High output LED chips where possible.

The way this helps with improvement is simple in that by increasing the Lumens Per Watt (Lm/W) then you can reduce the actual poor of the product and still get a high light output.

This means you can give your clients a faster return of investment (ROI) because your lowering there energy bills still further but still increasing the general light levels (LUX)

In most cases we find that the first area customer look at is the price, which is only natural.

The bigger picture when buying LED lighting products is a lot deeper, and the the full specification of the products needs to be understood or that "cheaper" option could actually cost your clients more with higher energy bills alone let alone if the quality is poor also.

  The Microwave sensor is part of what we are announcing some new products in May


We take great pride in making sure that as much information about all our products is displayed for you the customer so that a full comparision can be made with our competitors.

Unfortunately this can not be said by the vast majority of LED suppliers who simply hide the fact that the components used within the products they are selling are of poor quality or are simple old design within the LED market.

Some suppliers can not even answer the basic questions about the products they are supplying which is why we have a technical team on hand for all your questions.


In house design team


With our own in-house design team we can make sure that you are being advised on the right products for the right results.

As we are announcing some new products in May, we have taken the time to make sure we have al the photometric data files for our lighting design team to work with for our clients.

We have all the IES files to work within RELUX to give you that comprehensive and full design feature and this is all free as part of our service for our clients.



 Full Installation team as well as onsite back up service


Not only are we announcing some new products in May but we are proud to announce that are parent company "Charnwood Electrical Limited" have migrated over to the LED design & Lighting installation team for our company.

This now enables us to offer the full package from design-supply-installation and full back-up service and on-site maintenance if required.

Knowing our products right form the manufacturing stage gives us the confidence to offer this 5-Year on-site warranty if required when we carrying out the design and installation with our fully qualified electrical team.


Whilst we are announcing some new products in May we will we offering as much product information as possible to our customers but do feel free to contact us anytime for more information.