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5* Rating on Google

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LED retail lighting

Online shopping in today’s world is a phenomenon, so retailers have to find new ways to engage with their customers and improve on giving them a shopping experience they will remember. LED lighting can help retailers and businesses provide better lighting performance that saves on energy costs.

LED lights can improve customer satisfaction and provide optimal store efficiency. To take a further look at the types of bulbs for lighting fixture replacements in retail stores, please visit our Products page. 

Led lighting in stores

Customers are keen to go to a retail store with the best lighting, from shopping to food to trying out clothes.

LED bulbs can provide this personalised experience with better lighting performance, resulting in the following outcomes:

Enhanced experiences

Highlighting different displays around the store can attract customers and improve brand presence

Customer engagement

Collecting data on how customers shop can help with ways in positioning LED bulbs around the store to optimise store layout

Improved sustainability

This applies more for food stores, but studies show thatmeat products displayed under LED lighting have longer product shelf lifedue to LEDs emitting less heat

What type of lights are in retail stores?

With various benefits listed above and out of the way, we can talk more about what types of lights are needed in retail stores, and that can be considered when replacing them with LED alternatives:

  • Ambient lighting - Known as the store’s main lighting, so consider something bright to help illuminate the whole store layout

  • Task lighting - This type of light focuses on areas that need more light, like tills and changing rooms, and can also highlight store signs and entrance areas

  • Accent lighting - These can be used for customer attraction on specific products to give importance, generally used for window displays

  • Decorative lighting - This one is all about visual appeal and less focused on illumination, it’s very effective for seasonal displays or to invoke a positive feeling to customers