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Heathrow escalator handrail sanitisation

INUI were tasked jointly by Motus Ltd and Heathrow to come up with a solution for the rapid and safe Heathrow Escalator Handrail Sanitisation. This was for the escalator handrails on both the Escalator and Moving Walkways. Heathrow Airport has over three hundred of these combined units which will give you an indication of the concerns of the Heathrow team. As Heathrow re-opens its terminals then this will be implemented into these areas.

A number of products had been presented for evaluation. None met the strict guidelines needed by both Heathrow and the Escalator EN115 regulations.

INUI joined forces with Motus Ltd and the MD "Andy Oldham" proved priceless with his input knowledge for INUI during the R&D stages of the LED UVC Escalator Sanitising Light. Safety for the public using the escalator was paramount from the beginning. So was the sanitisation of the handrail being cleaned for the next person to touch it.

With the Covid-19 heavily in our thoughts during these worrying times we designed the rapid UVC Escalator Sanitisation Light. We see people hesitant about following people onto the escalator not knowing if to touch the handrail. Peoples fear of the covid-19 virus in this area is fully justified.

INUI looked at their competitors in this market and quickly realised that anything other than the handrail being sanitised in one single pass of the LED UVC light would simply not be acceptable.

At the time of this problem being brought to the attention of our design team. INUI found that the current leader in the market had a product that sanitised the handrail in over 5 revolutions. No one could get back onto the escalator until it had been round 5 times before it was clean and free from any possible contamination.

Constant development

We have continued to develop our products to meet todays ever changing problems. Much like the virus, we mutate our development of the product to keep one step ahead. With V3.01 now being rolled out, this has seen even faster sanitisation results for the ground breaking product.

The new patented heat sink is designed to allow for a higher irradiance with some further undisclosed unique changes. The Chip Board has seen new design techniques, allowing us to increase the output by as much as 60%. 

Even with new design features, our UVC Escalator Sanitisation light prices are the best on the global market.  

Much like the virus, we mutate our development of the product to keep one step ahead.

The installation carried out by Andy and his team has now been completed. This has enabled Heathrow Airport to become one step further to being Covid19 Compliant with Escalator Handrail Sanitisation.  

Final Comments

The Feedback from Installation team – "Product was very easy to install and quality is second to none, combined with our bracket system we completed the full installation on time for our client"

The Feedback from Heathrow – "The installation ran smoothly with very little down time. We are very happy with the final outcome and look forward to welcoming flyers back to all terminals. This added sanitisation will only give further confidence to our planned Covid-19 compliance program and will be an ongoing project now for passenger safety.

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