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Sports Pitch Floodlights

Whether you’re training for the next match or competing in a tournament, the lighting on the pitch can make or break your experience. Effective sports pitch floodlights will enhance visibility, increase safety and save you money.

If you're a sports team, facility owner, or enthusiast looking to extend your playing time or host night events, INUI can help. We are experienced in designing and installing game-changing lighting solutions. 

Features and Benefits of Sports Pitch Floodlights

Whether you run a sports facility with multiple pitches or have a private 3g pitch, explore the features and benefits of LED floodlights.

Energy Efficient

Sports pitch floodlights from INUI feature LEDs that are energy efficient. LEDs consume less electricity and provide higher-quality lighting than traditional bulbs. The operating costs of sports facilities will be reduced whilst making them more sustainable. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Our sports pitch floodlights are built to last with robust design and weather-resistant materials. The majority of our LEDs have a 50,000-hour lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Extend Playing Time

With sports pitch floodlights, sports facilities can be used for longer periods, enabling more games and training sessions to take place. This means that athletes can practice and play more frequently, leading to improved performance and results.

Increased Revenue

Sports facilities can generate more revenue by increasing usage through extended playing time for more games and training sessions. Commercial facilities like stadiums can quickly recoup their investment in sports pitch floodlights through increased ticket sales and sponsorship deals.


The sports pitch floodlights can be customised to the needs of different facilities including beam angle, colour temperature and dimming options. Our LEDs are used for many sports pitches such as football, rugby, hockey, athletics, tennis and playing courts.

Anti-glare Design

Our anti-glare LEDs ensure that your pitch is well-lit while preventing discomfort or strain to players, whether you're playing competitively or just for fun. Clear visibility on the pitch is guaranteed, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing your playing experience.

LED Sports Stadium Lights

With options from 240W to 2000W, you can mix and match the lights to suit pitches of all sizes. These fittings feature the CREE XTE, CREE XLM-2 and the Citizen Chip and Luxeon sets - all based around the Meanwell driver.

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LED Modular Flood Lights

Ranging from 250W to 2500W, our modular flood lights have a new dynamic bracket system to precisely adjust each module. These fixtures have great beam angles to direct the light on the action.

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LED Low Bays

LED low bays are ideal for sports centres with low ceilings. Available in warm white, natural daylight white, bright white, cool bright white and more. So you can set the right atmosphere for the activity.

Case Study

INUI has a track record of installing lighting with an impact. Explore case studies of our lighting solutions in action on the pitch.


LUX Levels for Indoor Football Pitches

Class / Use Horizontal Illuminance Vertical Illuminance
Eave (LUX) Emin / Eave Eave (LUX) Emin / Eave
Class 1 / International 750 0.7 60 <30
Class 2 / Regional 500 0.6 60 <30
Class 3 / Club 200 0.5 20 <30

LUX Levels for Outdoor Football Pitches

Class / Use Horizontal Illuminance Vertical Illuminance
Eave (LUX) Emin / Eave Eave (LUX) Emin / Eave
Class 1 / International 750 0.7 60 <30
Class 2 / Regional 500 0.6 60 <30
Class 3 / Club 200 0.5 20 <30

Football Pitch Lighting Design

Our experts can design the lighting for your sports pitch and 3g pitches. We are flexible and can create solutions for various sizes and uses, from professional-level pitches to pitches in schools and public spaces.

We’ll look at the size, location and activities played on the pitch to present a unique solution that meets industry standards.

Customised Installation Plan

We can work around your schedule and will create a customised installation plan that causes minimal disruption to sports activities.

Safety and Compliance

We follow all safety and compliance regulations, ensuring your installation is safe and legal.

Unrivalled Pricing

Our sports pitch floodlights and installation are competitively priced, so you can get the best value for your investment. Our solutions fit any budget, without compromising on quality or performance.

Take Your Match to the Next Level

Ready to take your match to the next level? Contact us for a design consultation, or we can advise you on the best selection of LEDs, so you can enjoy proper illumination on your sports pitch.

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