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5* Rating on Google

Open: Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 4:00pm

LED Volleyball Court Lighting

Volleyball is a dynamic sport that demands precision, agility, and split-second decision-making. But even the most skilled players can be hindered by inadequate lighting. Poor court illumination can create shadows, strain eyes, and affect ball tracking.

INUI offers top-tier volleyball court lighting solutions designed to illuminate your court for peak performance, safety, and visual comfort.

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Lighting the way

30 years experience

We have over 3 decades of expert knowledge and experience creating volleyball court lighting solutions.

Bespoke Installation

We handle the installation with precision and care, minimising disruption to your court. We use high-quality materials and adhere to strict safety protocols.

Fully Compliant

From design to installation, we guarantee full compliance, giving you the confidence of a safe and legal lighting system built to last.


INUI has over 44 years of experience designing LED lighting solutions with an impact. Based in Leicestershire, we design, manufacture, supply and install LEDs for various applications including volleyball courts. If you can’t find the right lighting for your needs online, we can create a bespoke solution at a competitive price.

See the Ball Soar

No more squinting or misjudging! LED's superior brightness bathes the court in uniform light, ensuring every spike, dig, and set is crystal clear. Track the ball's trajectory flawlessly, react faster, and dominate the competition.

Forget the blinding effect of traditional lights. Our flicker-free illumination eliminates distractions, letting players focus solely on the ball.


Our Process

Work with the Leading LED Lighting Suppliers based in the UK


We will discuss your needs and goals for the space. Our experts may visit the site before developing a lighting plan that considers functionality, aesthetics, and budget.


Our experts design a solution to create the desired atmosphere and ensure proper illumination for various activities. Factors like fixture placement, colour temperature, and energy efficiency are considered.


We manufacture our LED lights using the highest quality materials. We can create a bespoke fixture for your needs.


Our qualified professionals will efficiently install your new lighting system. We inform you of progress and address any questions you may have.

Bump, Set, Spike: Light Up Your Volleyball Game with LEDs

Go green with LEDs and win big. Our energy-efficient LED systems reduce your carbon footprint, making your victory even sweeter – for the planet and your wallet. 

Have peace of mind knowing you're making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of bright, efficient lighting brings a whole new level of satisfaction to your victories.

LEDs will

Reduce your carbon footprint

Dominate Every Serve

Accurate colour rendering is essential for judging the ball's spin and speed. Our lights showcase the action in its true colours, empowering players to unleash serves that leave opponents speechless.


Why choose LEDs for your Volleyball Court?


The athletic track lights can be customised to the needs of different facilities including beam angle, colour temperature and dimming options.

Flexible Lighting Control

Our LED systems offer dimming capabilities and remote control options, allowing you to adjust the light intensity and create different moods for various events.

Enhance Safety

Slide, dig, and spike with confidence. Proper illumination minimises the risk of accidents and injuries by ensuring good visibility for everyone on the court.

Energy Efficient

LEDs consume up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting, meaning significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Instant On, Instant Action

LED lights illuminate at full brightness the moment they're switched on, ensuring players can hit the volleyball court and start scoring right away.

Excellent Durability

LED lights boast exceptional durability. Expect years of reliable operation, minimising maintenance downtime and maximising your return on investment.

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Volleyball lives in the details – a perfectly judged bump, a lightning spike. At INUI, we illuminate those details. Uniform light, zero glare, perfect ball visibility across every inch.

Martin Cross, Director at INUI

T: 01509 266355

Volleyball Court Lighting FAQs

How much does volleyball court lighting cost?

The cost of volleyball court lighting varies depending on the type of lights you choose, the size of your facility, and the complexity of the installation. We offer personalised quotes at competitive rates.

What are the recommended Lux levels for volleyball courts?

The desired lux level depends on the level of play and potential television coverage:

  • Recreational/practice courts: 200-300 lux
  • Competitive/non-televised games: 300-500 lux
  • Televised games: 500-1000 lux
What are some important factors to consider when choosing volleyball court lighting?

Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Mounting height and location of the lights: Proper placement ensures even light distribution and minimises shadows.
  • Beam angle of the lights: Choose the appropriate beam angle to direct the light onto the playing surface effectively.
  • Colour temperature: Opt for a cool white colour temperature (around 5000K) for optimal performance and visibility.
  • Dimming capabilities: Dimmable lights offer flexibility for different activities and create a more inviting atmosphere.
Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, our lights come with a 5 year warranty.

How long does your lighting service take, from design to installation?

INUI offers the full solution - we design, manufacture and install bespoke lights. The length of your project will depend on the court size, the types of fixtures and installation.

Provided we have detailed information from you, we can create a lighting design and quote within 24/48 hours.