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LED car park lighting

As car parks run all day and night, energy savings are essential. You can save up to 90% by changing to LED lighting for car parks, lowering maintenance costs and increasing lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Since car parks come in all sorts of spaces (multi-storeys, single floors, indoors, outdoors, etc) it’s best to breakdown which LED fitting are ideal for these different surroundings.

Car park areas


The main feature of a car park space are low ceilings, so there needs to a specific type of lighting that meets this requirement whilst providing better vision for drivers.

Low glare lights are one of the best lighting for car parks as they keep the glare down to acceptable levels, preventing driving issues.

For better lighting performance, wide beam angled bulbs helps spread light proportionally, which is important for drivers when parking.

As car parks are a 24-hour facility, lighting that includes motion sensor is essential in order to save lots of energy. Maintenance responsibilities are also minimised, as you wouldn’t need to replace the bulbs frequently.

Led car park products

From the requirements above, we’ve highlighted a selection of INUI products that would be ideal for car park spaces:

LED 25~80-Watt Carpark Light - Ideal for car parks, this light has a 90-degree adjustable head to control spread of lighting.

LED Microwave Tubes - This product is perfect for car parks that require motion sensors to detect pedestrians/drivers.

Car parks require energy saving LED bulbs that will result in safer and cost effective lighting for the long-run. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for car park lighting, please visit our Products page.