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5* Rating on Google

Open: Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 4:00pm

LED Golf Course Lighting

Our golf course lighting solutions leverage advanced LED technology to illuminate the tees,  fairways and greens with precision. 

With our innovative lighting solutions, golf courses can offer extended playtime, ensuring a memorable experience for golfers under the stars.

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Lighting the way

30 years experience

We have over 3 decades of expert knowledge and experience creating golf course lighting solutions.

Bespoke Installation

We handle the installation with precision and care, minimising disruption to your course. We use high-quality materials and adhere to strict safety protocols.

Fully Compliant

From design to installation, we guarantee full compliance, giving you the confidence of a safe and legal lighting system built to last.


INUI has over 44 years of experience designing LED lighting solutions with an impact. Based in Leicestershire, we design, manufacture, supply and install LEDs for various applications including golf courses. If you can’t find the right lighting for your needs online, we can create a bespoke solution at a competitive price.

Enjoy Sharper Shots & More Satisfying Rounds

No more squinting at fading light or guessing at distances. Under the clear and consistent glow of LED lighting, every detail of the course comes alive. Read greens like never before, confidently judge distances, and execute your swing with unmatched precision. 

LED lighting elevates your game to the next level, transforming you from a casual player to a master of the night with every swing.


Our Process

Work with the Leading LED Lighting Suppliers based in the UK


We will discuss your needs and goals for the space. Our experts may visit the site before developing a lighting plan that considers functionality, aesthetics, and budget.


Our experts design a solution to create the desired atmosphere and ensure proper illumination for various activities. Factors like fixture placement, colour temperature, and energy efficiency are considered.


We manufacture our LED lights using the highest quality materials. We can create a bespoke fixture for your needs.


Our qualified professionals will efficiently install your new lighting system. We inform you of progress and address any questions you may have.

Play Green, Shine Bright: Light Up Your Golf Course, Lighten Your Footprint

Keeping your golf course pristine and inviting goes beyond manicured fairways and sparkling ponds. Sustainability is the new green, and LED lighting paves the way. By making the switch, you'll not only minimise your carbon footprint, but also enjoy significant cost savings and enhanced playing experiences.

LEDs have proven to

Save costs

Tee Off at Twilight

Forget the limitations of daylight. With LED lighting, you can transform your course into a nighttime haven, attracting new players and boosting your bottom line:

Offer twilight and night golf packages, extending playing hours and generating income beyond traditional daytime rounds. You can cater to a wider audience, including busy professionals and those seeking a unique golfing experience.

Even implement dynamic pricing strategies for prime twilight slots, maximising your revenue potential.


Why Choose LEDs for Your Golf Course?

Minimal Maintenance

Their rugged design and long lifespan mean less frequent maintenance compared to traditional lights, freeing up staff time and resources.

Future-Proof Technology

With ongoing advancements, LED technology offers continuous improvement in efficiency, performance, and control options, ensuring your investment stays relevant.

Weather Resistance

LEDs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

Energy Efficient

LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting, translating to massive savings on your electricity bill.

Versatile Control Options

Many LED systems offer dimming and colour temperature adjustment, allowing you to tailor the lighting to specific areas and create different ambiences.

Improved Safety & Security

Good lighting deters nighttime vandalism and provides clear visibility for golfers, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

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Championship or local gem, every course is unique. INUI tailors lighting solutions. We consider layout, features, and player preferences, seamlessly integrating light into the environment.

Martin Cross, Director at INUI

T: 01509 266355

Golf Course Lighting FAQs

How much does golf course lighting cost?

The cost of golf course lighting varies depending on the type of lights you choose, the size of your course, and the complexity of the installation. We offer personalised quotes at competitive rates.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, our LED lights come with a 5 year warranty.

How long does your lighting service take, from design to installation?

INUI offers the full solution - we design, manufacture and install bespoke lights. The length of your project will depend on the course size, the types of fixtures and installation.

Provided we have detailed information from you, we can create a lighting design and quote within 24/48 hours.

What are the recommended lux levels for different areas of a golf course?
  • Tee boxes: 200-300 lux
  • Fairways: 50-100 lux
  • Greens: 200-300 lux
  • Practice areas: 200-300 lux
What are the flicker standards for golf course lighting?

Professional courses may require flicker-free lighting above 10,000Hz for slow-motion cameras.