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INUI LED lighting upgrade to help Olympia energy savings

INUI was initially contacted, together with a number of other well-known lighting competitors to help come up with a solution for Olympia Energy Savings. We were required to put together detailed lighting designs using a number of our LED products.

The issue

There were a number of reasons why the current lighting scheme wasn’t working for Olympia. Fluorescent & the Metal halide lamps have a degradation of more than 60% over a two-year period. This did not conform to the policy of Olympia Energy Savings new strategy.

This means they needed replacing every two years in order to maintain sufficient lux levels, which was not cost effective. Both of these lighting options are also very difficult to control in terms of dimming. This was proving harder and harder to do for the events that Olympia were holding. It was also proving to be difficult to keep track of the true costs once the maintenance factors were introduced before each and every event.

The solution for Olympia energy savings

With all this taken into consideration, INUI LED set out to improve Olympia Energy Savings on as many levels as possible. The task was to improve the overall look and lighting levels of both the Grand Hall and the National Hall. The INUI HB02 was the preferred choice over all of our competitors for both halls around the perimeters and general areas.

For the lighting in both halls, with the exceptional yet beautiful high ceilings, the Olympia Energy Savings proved both demanding in terms of designing, yet rewarding at the same time based on the results we achieved for them. The LED product used for these high ceilings was the INUI Modular 480. This gave significant better LUX levels based on the fact the original lights in place were 1000w MH fittings. This also helped and had a positive impact on the Olympia Energy Savings program.

This work was carried-out by an extremely dedicated and professional team of which we continue to supply and have a strong working relationship with. For an excellent service on projects such as these contact GDE Electrical Contractors.

Before image

After images

The savings

In brief, the new INUI LED internal lighting scheme will yield a running cost saving of around 58%. It will incur little, if any, maintenance costs and considerable annual reduction in CO2 emissions, proving that INUI LED helped with Olympia Energy Savings.

If you have any lighting projects that you’d like to discuss - large or small - then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your LED requirements and offer friendly sound advice.