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5* Rating on Google

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Lighting an equestrian centre arena

Inui Led, LED UFO

Northallerton Equestrian Centre is an equestrian competition centre and livery yard with extensive indoor and outdoor facilities, nestled in Yafforth in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside.

Northallerton Equestrian Centre Proprietor, Tina Walker, found that poor light levels and increasing maintenance costs of lighting the arena were becoming problematic. Specifically, the problems outlined were

  1. Poor light quality with low lux levels
  2. Inefficient lighting with expensive running costs
  3. Increasing maintenance costs as existing control gear and bulbs were failing


After a telephone consultation with our lighting designer, Martin Cross, the arena’s dimensions were used to devise a bespoke lighting scheme aiming to improve lux levels and light uniformity, simultaneously bringing down maintenance costs.

Tina opted for a like-for-like replacement scheme, whereby existing Metal Halide fittings were replaced with low-maintenance LED fittings. This solution saved on installation costs as new wiring was not required. Alternatively, a scheme using fewer fittings and requiring additional wiring would also have been an option.


The existing lighting in the arena consisted of forty 250W Metal Halide lights.  These were running at approximately 50 hours a week for 52 weeks a year.  Calculations were based on running costs of 0.10p per kWh resulting of an annual lighting bill of £3016.00.

The new scheme, designed to Tina’s requirements, utilised forty 100W INUI-UFO-100 Watt LED lights and will realise an annual saving of £1976.00. With current running times, Tina’s return on investment will be achieved in less than 2 years.


On completion, the arena's lux levels were increased two-fold and Tina was delighted with the results. She states, “The improvement is incredible, they were so simple to fit, the light is instantly excellent (no waiting for the old ones to turn on), the light is even, our clients are very happy, I am excited to see the reduction in kWh on my bill”.

INUI are delighted that Tina’s expectations were fulfilled, and she and her clients continue to enjoy the benefits of the new lighting scheme.

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