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5* Rating on Google

Open: Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 4:00pm

Mercedes Benz Carlisle

We are proud to be part of the supply chain for yet another fantastic installation at the new multi-million pound Mercedes Benz Carlisle for a number of our LED products.

INUI was part of the design and consultation stage. This was to help make sure the right products were got for the installation. The first stage was the workshop which was designed around our ever workshop patented LBHB Low Bay 

INUI LBHB Low bay 

INUI have invested heavily in our LBHB Low Bay fitting over the years. From the early design stages of the light, which saw instant success as soon as it hit the market. With its IP65/67 qualities as well as its strong quality construction the lumen output even from the very beginning made it one of the leaders on the market.

Our highly skilled engineers are always looking for ways to improve our products. The LBHB Low Bay was always a challenge due to its already high end overall specification. With LED Chip development and Chip board redesign the LBHB Low-Bay is running at over 150 lumens per watt.

The Mercedes Benz Carlisle workshop design was put together using our 200-watt model and as I am sure you will agree the results were amazing to say the least.

Not only has this given the finished look one that every workshop will want to have. This has also developed a happy and confident set of workshop engineers with this super bright environment. 

INUI ip65 led panels

The Mercedes Benz Carlisle valet bay was also designed around using our unique IP65 High Lumen LED Panel. This gave a reliable cleanroom finish, together with its high CRI properties this has given outstanding results. 

INUI was the first LED supplier to bring this lay-in IP65 panel to the market. Now others try to copy our products but with little if any success, do not be fooled by cheap sub-quality imitations. 

For more details on these or any of our products you can call us on 01509 266355

We also offer a workshop lighting design service, email us on info@inui.co.uk