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5* Rating on Google

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics shooting range

INUI were invited to design a high-specification lighting plan to accommodate the shooting events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The design

The design had to meet a very specific criteria, stipulated by the International Olympic Committee. This was done in collaboration with Production Science. This resulted in a lighting design utilising the latest software and lighting applications.  It was delivered within the specified timescale, despite strict COVID-19 restrictions.

Shooting Range

The project

The project design had initially been attempted by another high-profile lighting manufacturer who produced a costly lighting scheme that was unable to meet the minimal requirement for lux levels. This high profile company we have since found out also take upon themselves to try to undermine competitors and smaller companies like us with completely false and inaccurate information, (further information about this high profile company and their unethical tactics can be passed on to you by simply emailing us).  Fortunately, as INUI is a small agile and honest company, we were able to easily meet the stipulated lux levels. We also delivered the project at a much-reduced cost in comparison to a larger competitor.

The installation

The Tokyo installation itself comprised the INUI Sports Stadium Lights, with full dimming specification, extra high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and flicker-free control for the 4K HD televised broadcast.

The world-wide televised coverage of the shooting events clearly demonstrates how successful the collaboration between INUI and Production Science has been. INUI has been proud to have designed and supplied for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Shooting Range.