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5* Rating on Google

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What a great result with the use of people power

In November 2017, INUI were called in to assist on a fantastic example of people power taking control and making a change! Torridon Croft, a private road in Moseley in Birmingham, needed new fixtures for their 7 street lights. Their current fittings were rusty and dated, however the council did not want to replace them. When the road was about to be sold in auction by the previous owner, the residents came together to form TCOL (Torridon Croft Owners Ltd) and each pitched in to buy the road and replace the lights themselves.

Old post top light showing the level of degradation 

The equipment

TCOL called in quotes from 3 different companies for replacing the lights. After much shopping around, they decided to purchase their LED lighting heads from INUI. The two lights used for this project were the INUI-SE Street Light and the Car-Park Light. With councils and companies around the country turning to LED street lighting solutions due to their low cost and energy saving properties, TCOL knew that LED’s were the best way to go when replacing their lights.

The SE 30-60 Watt Street Light

The LED 20-80 Watt Carpark Light

The Mission

The residents put hours into planning and testing in preparation for the light fittings. This included straightening the streetlight posts, adding new footings and giving everything a fresh lick of paint. In August 2018, the residents hired a 3.2 metre platform, rewired the new lighting heads, cut back the trees where necessary and began to remove the old street light heads and add the extensions, adapters and new heads. They also fitted 3 of the posts with the Internet Protocol CCTV cameras. In total, their operation took 21 hours over 10 days, with plenty of breaks for rain, and cost just under £3,000 for all hardware, tooling, road signs, safety equipment and platform hire.

The lamp posts were heavily obscured by surrounding trees

The lamp posts required straightening before new lamp heads could be fitted

The result

The hard work paid off and TCOL are over the moon with their new LED street lighting system. It's now providing strong and expansive light which will provide a lighter, safer environment for the residents of Torridon Croft. Not to mention saving energy and running costs.

The new lamps heads fitted onto the revamped posts

The old posts newly painted and straightened look like brand new with the new lamp heads fitted

An extremely pleasing aesthetic effect in addition to the efficiency and effectiveness of LED lighting technology

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