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5* Rating on Google

Open: Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 4:00pm

Widnes Tennis Club: INUI LED lighting upgrade for outdoor courts


INUI recently completed an outdoor tennis court LED lighting project for Widnes Tennis Club, a proud community-minded club with a rich heritage that wanted its outdoor court space enhanced by improved light fittings. The running and maintenance of the old lights were proving expensive, so upgrading to INUI’s LED Sports Stadium Lights was an ideal solution that made sense. 

The issue 

The outdoor courts’ old lights had started failing due to their age. The previous lights were also using an excessive amount of energy, running at 2.3Kw/hr for each of the 24 lights. This gave a total running cost of 55.20Kw/hr.

The solution

We replaced the old lights with brand new INUI 1000w LED Sports Stadium Light fittings. This immediately reduced their running and maintenance costs.

The running costs for the new lights was 1.03Kw/hr giving a new total running cost of 24.72Kw/hr which reduced our running costs by around 55%

The surfaces of the outdoor tennis courts needed to be well-illuminated by light fittings that are able to provide intense lighting. Fortunately, the new INUI LED Sports Stadium Lights managed to improve the LUX levels at Widnes Tennis Club’s outdoor courts immediately.



“INUI are a fantastic company to do business with. They are knowledgeable, very cost effective with vast experience in supplying LED lighting to the sports industry. We can’t praise them enough. We have replaced our indoor tennis court floodlights and streetlights with INUI products and now our outdoor floodlights too. All have had proven outcomes in reducing energy costs and vastly improving the floodlit tennis-playing experience. A win-win outcome for our club!” - Chris Roberts, Director of Widnes Tennis Club


INUI’s project working with Widnes Tennis Club was a great success! We managed to save the club money, improve the tennis playing experience for members and people using the court, and provide an energy-efficient long-term LED sports lighting solution. A job well done!