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A guide to the best floodlights for sporting grounds

Sports complexes, whether indoors or outdoors, a small members’ club or a stadium home to 90,000 seats like Wembley, all need adequate bespoke floodlighting. After all, it gets dark as early as 4 p.m. in the depths of winter in the UK, so visibility can be affected unless you get the right flood lighting in place.

At Inui, we are leading LED flood lighting suppliers. We know a thing or two about the best types of sports pitch floodlights. In fact, we go the extra mile for customers by providing a full custom LED floodlight design and installation service with a five-year warranty.  

Run a sports club and looking to invest in new floodlights?  Let’s go through the best types of floodlights around for sports grounds. 

Image of LED flood lights at cricket ground.


Why do you need LED flood lighting for sporting grounds?

First things first, what are the benefits of LED floodlights over traditional lighting? The advantages of choosing LED floodlights include

  • enhanced energy efficiency - saving you money
  • better for the environment
  • a much longer lifespan, lasting up to 8 years
  • they don’t need to be replaced frequently
  • adjustable to fit your sports lighting needs

LED sports stadium lighting

Football and rugby sports pitches are pretty large, and the preferred length for a football pitch is 105 by 68 metres (115 yd × 74 yd). Therefore, sporting pitches at stadiums need to be illuminated by excellent high-lumen lighting with strong beams. 

Our LED sports stadium lights at INUI come with a flicker-free Mean Well driver and are suitable for pitches of all sizes.

LED modular flood lights

For sports lighting, you need reliable top-quality light distribution across all areas of the pitch. The LED modular flood lights with dynamic brackets that we offer at Inui are easily adjustable with flexible beam angles to suit your sports floodlighting needs.  

Spectators and players won’t miss a trick with our LED modular flood lights. 

LED low bays for indoor sports centre lighting

Do you run a sports club in an indoor sports centre? If so, you will need the right lighting. Inui’s LED low bay lighting is perfect for sports centres with low ceilings. Low bay LEDs have a shallow reflector that diffuses light outwards at a wider beam angle.

LED low bay lighting can also be used for other applications, including in retail stores, warehouses, exhibition halls, commercial office buildings, and more.

Image of low bay indoor football pitch lighting.


Interested in securing the best LED floodlights for your sporting ground? Call us on 01509 266355 to learn all about what we can offer you.