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5* Rating on Google

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Commercial LED lighting

Commercial LED lighting is no longer considered as new technology. More and more companies are finding that using this Technology in their services helps them save money. Light Emitting Diode, or LED lights have been used in lots of electronic units in a limited method for years. But have only recently been changed into commercial and residential grade light bulbs.

There are many other kinds of light bulbs that you can use in your house or place of enterprise. None of them run on as little electricity or last so long as LED's. If you are looking for methods to reduce your energy costs at your enterprise. Best to consider the following reasons for which switching to INUI LED lights is a wise choice.

Commercial LED lighting could be very energy efficient. So changing to LED bulbs is guaranteed to drive down your common electricity utilisation and, in consequence, your electric bill.  Calculations show that a company that changes all of its incandescent and fluorescent lights over to LED bulbs can save over 60% on their power bills. This will make considerable savings for any company.

If you want to figure out exactly how much money your company would save every month by using LED lights. Simply contact INUI LED and we can carry out a survey for you.


Some people usually are not convinced that their savings will be so substantial. However, once they realise that commercial LED lighting costs much more than other traditional bulbs. The high price of LED lights is lowered greatly, however, if you calculate in the savings you may count on every month after you install the LEDs. Since LEDs don't die out anywhere near as quickly as different light bulbs, you stand to save quite a bit in alternative bulbs, too.

Even though some people claim that they prefer the light produced by incandescent and fluorescent bulbs over that made from LEDs, they may not realise that not all LEDs are designed to produce exactly the same kind of light. Since different kinds of lighting may cause colours to look barely completely different. Using LED lamps that are daylight grade will be the best choice for companies that promote merchandise in a showroom or retail centre.

Commercial LED lighting has the ability to assist companies in saving money on their power bills and still have the high-quality lighting they want. Although LED bulbs require a big preliminary funding, they pay for themselves in just 24 months due to the generous power savings they provide on a monthly foundation.

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