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5* Rating on Google

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Fighting coronavirus with UVC lighting

Covid-19, UVC LED

With nearly the whole world on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s come to light that we need stronger measures in place to keep both public and private property clean and bacteria-free. If you’re looking forward to returning to normality, but worried about a second wave, then INUI’s new LED technology is the perfect solution for you. 

Our new UVC technology is ideal for travel and domestic use, and we’ve also introduced a high-powered range for commercial and industrial use. It’s a simple solution and could be a real game-changer in the fight against Covid-19 - and against flu season in your office. 

How does uvc sterilisation work?  

UVC lighting is one of 3 types of broad-spectrum UV light characterised (along with UBV and UVA) by a short wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometres (nm). The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, and therefore the greater the energy. If this is all greek to you, basically all you need to know is that scientists have known for more than 100 years that UVC can be used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms in a matter of minutes.

Since then, UVC has become a vital part of how drinking water is sterilised, as well as in the cleaning of hospitals, surgical equipment, airlines, offices, and other commercial spaces. It’s being used in China now (in light of the current pandemic) to sanitise money, to clean buses and other public transport overnight, and to disinfect hospitals. 

Here at INUI LED, we’ve developed a range of UVC lighting for sterilisation with a wavelength between 256 and 280nm, which is the optimum wavelength for killing bacteria and viruses in the shortest possible amount of time. The microorganisms can’t build up a resistance to UVC lighting like they can to other methods. 

Our products are simple to use safely, have CE certification and come complete with full safety instructions. To top this off, our LED UVC lighting doesn’t produce the toxic products made by traditional lighting, and doesn’t use damaging heavy metals (like mercury). 

Where can UVC lighting be used? 

UVC lighting has been shown to kill SARs and Covid-19, along with other microorganisms, and is already a practical sterilisation solution used to sterilise drinking water, surgical spaces, and PPE.

INUI’s new range covers you, no matter your needs. Whether you need floodlights or panel lighting for commercial and industrial application, light boxes to sterilise every day domestic items like phones, or UVC wands to sanitise desks, tabletops, laptops and kitchen surfaces. 

Now that many people are starting to transition back to work in offices rather than at home, it’s important for businesses to make sure staff are protected, and for anyone venturing out of their homes to feel like they can protect their families. 

Get in touch with us here at INUI to discuss UVC lighting solutions that work for your situation. Call us on 01509 266355 or drop us a line at info@inui.co.uk