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5* Rating on Google

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Finding the balance between quality and low prices

With more and more LED products finding there way onto the UK market, finding the balance between quality and low prices in our minds has become a priority.

As a shopper for LED lighting products, you will no doubt see a considerable difference in prices for products that generally look much the same from the outside.

Appearances on the outside may not always be what they seem.

It is a proven fact that we as humans are drawn to a bargain and when it comes to LED products, Price will play a major factor when shopping.

When spending money, will you be simply throwing money into the dustbin within 6 months?

The aim of this news letter is to help answer some of those questions that go un-asked or just un-answered by other suppliers out there who simply just do not know the answers.

As one of the leading LED Lighting suppliers in the UK we have seem some rather worrying claims by some other suppliers such as "UK Manufactured" and "British Made"

We have made enquires into this and we clearly have the documented evidence to show that these companies are openly contravening the Trades Description Act.

The simple fact of the matter is that all LED "Chip's" come from four major countries and UK is NOT one of them.

When it comes to winning that contract be it small or large, price will play a major part in doing so

This can sometimes lead to cutting corners when it comes to something as simple as the LED Lighting products.

Will you be happy to chance it like the roll of the dice?

We have covered every part of our LED products because we know, finding the balance between quality and low prices is very difficult to do when products can sometimes look the same.

The facts about all our products is we ensure firstly that we have all the Photometric data sheets as well as the IES files, so that lighting designs are quick and simple to carryout for our customers if required.

We also ensure that we can produce the LM80 data sheets for all the LED chip's used within our products.

We also work continuously with our manufacturers to bring you the customer the best possible price for the best possible quality. We will never sacrifice one for the other.

This is why we strongly believe that finding the balance between quality and low prices has to be a major driving force within our company policy

As a direct importer of all our LED products we are the starting point for your purchase, which is another reason why we can bring the products to you at such good prices for fantastic quality.

From this perspective we also see other extremes within the LED lighting supplying market.

For example, we have seen some suppliers selling products than when inspected have been found to be supplied by some of the very same manufacturers that we have access to in China.

These products are being offered to the UK market at super inflated prices for nothing more than we can see other than there description has over exaggerated, misleading lighting terminology.

So you can see,  finding the balance between quality and low prices can prove to be more difficult than you first realised.

When it comes to giving you, the customer, a fair price for the products requested. We will not profess to be the cheapest on the market because we know that those who are, are not supplying you with the quality you are looking for.

When looking to buy any LED product make sure that your supplier knows everything about the product not just that fact that it is the cheapest. Test them as a supplier, and see if they can give you the answers your looking for. If not why not!!

If you are looking at finding the balance between quality and low prices, ask yourself these simple questions

Would you buy a car just because the salesperson told you it was "The Cheapest"

Would you buy the latest TV just because the salesperson told you it was "The Cheapest"

If your like 99% of the buying public today then the answer to both of those questions would be "NO"

As a buyer you will do your homework and look for reviews and details about the product you wish to purchase.

Make sure your hard earn money is spent on quality products.

With this in mind, why would you not do this for your clients and make that effort.

With a small amount of research you can be sure that finding the balance between quality and low prices is something you will get right every time for yourself and your clients when shopping with INUI.