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How to choose good LED flood lights

There are all sorts of instances where LED flood lights can come in useful and serve your lighting needs. LED floodlights can be used for security, safety, or decorative purposes. They can also be applied in domestic or industrial settings. 

For example, domestic use may involve providing LED flood lights for your driveway, garden, or patio at home, and industrial examples can include lighting for large parking lot areas, public spaces, warehouses, sports stadiums, and so on. There are tons of LED flood light products available today as we move towards using more sustainable energy, and you can find yourself spoilt for choice. 

What particular features should you look out for to help you choose the best possible LED floodlights on the market? At INUI, we have come up with a guide filled with tips on how to choose good LED flood lights.

Go for flood lights with optimum light efficiency 

One of the benefits of going for LED lighting over traditional or incandescent lights is that they are able to convert much higher levels of energy into light. Whereas traditional bulbs only convert around 5% of electricity into visible light, LED floodlights will reliably convert approximately 90% of the energy they use into light. 

LED flood light

So, when it comes to getting optimal efficiency for your lights, LED flood lights will outperform traditional lighting solutions by a long stretch. If you’re a business owner currently worried about dealing with rising energy costs, LED flood lights and their high efficiency will save you a lot of money over time. 

Get the location and positioning of the LED flood lights right

It’s pointless to buy LED flood lights if you’re unable to install them in a suitable location or position them at an angle where they can be the most effective and serve their purpose. You should bear in mind the shape and size of the LED flood lights and where exactly they’re going to go when shopping around. You will be disappointed if you spend your money on LED flood lights to only later learn that they can’t be fitted and installed as you had wished.  

For instance, do the motion detector LED flood lights you’re getting to brighten up your driveway for security reasons at home focus in on an area around your car to protect your property from thieves? Good LED flood flights should be easy to install, functional, and do what you want them to do, and a big part of this is getting their location and positioning right.

Choose an appropriate colour temperature

You also need to take colour temperature into consideration when trying to pick good LED flood lights. Generally speaking, certain colour temperatures are more appropriate for different settings, moods, buildings, and rooms of the home. 

ceiling LED flood lights

If you want powerful bright flood lights to help provide strong lighting for something like a football pitch, you will want to get ‘cool’ white LED lights of 4000K plus. But if you want to get something a bit less bright and more yellowy orange in tone, you should look for a warm colour temperature for your flood lights. 

Look for low heat output

One of the negative aspects of incandescent and halogen light bulbs is that they tend to get incredibly hot, and this searing heat can cause burns and even lead to lights smashing into pieces.

High heat output is also an indicator of poor energy efficiency and a lack of energy actually being converted into light, and you don’t want this when getting your LED floodlights. We suggest looking out for LED lights with particularly low heat outputs that are soft to touch and durable. 

Try getting LED flood lights with longer lifespans

You want to go for low maintenance when purchasing LED floodlights. Having to dip into your pockets to get replacement bulbs is certainly no fun and it will all end up adding up. Thankfully, LED lights tend to last considerably longer than other forms of lighting. Good LED flood lights should stand the test of time and provide a long-term solution to your lighting needs at a cut price.

Find LED flood lights with highly sensitive motion detectors

Are you intent on using LED floodlighting as a way to help you ramp up security? In that case, try searching for LED flood lights with in-built highly sensitive motion detector systems which are easily set off by the slightest of movements. 

LED flood light

Of course, despite all the security measures you put in place, you can never make anywhere 100% secure. However, sensitive motion sensors can go a long way in helping you implement enhanced security provisions for your home or business premises. Remember, there are many other security measures you will need to put in alongside your motion detector lights, such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and so on. 

Purchase flood lights from a reputable supplier

The prevalence of people starting to use LED floodlights means there are loads of new suppliers popping up everywhere all the time. Before purchasing your LED floodlights, be sure to do your research so you know the lighting supplier you’re thinking of using is dependable and has a reputation for providing customers with high-quality, long-lasting LED lighting.

We offer our valued customers efficient LED lighting solutions at reasonable prices. The fact that we have a 5-star rating on Google based on the customer reviews we’ve received is a testament to the excellent job that we do to look after our customer base. So, get in touch today by sending an email to sales@inui.co.uk or calling us on 01509 266355.