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How to reduce your electricity bill

There are good reasons why you may wish to know how to reduce electricity bill costs at your home or business. After all, the expense of running a household or company seems to be going up all of the time, and you may only need to make a few simple changes to significantly slash your energy costs.

Is your business doing enough to reduce electricity bill expenditure?

Here are just some of the steps your business could take to greatly decrease its energy costs.

  • Undertaking an electricity usage audit.This is the first thing your company should do with a view to reducing its energy spending, given that it will help you to understand your company’s use of electricity and where there is the greatest scope to reduce costs. Your business electricity supplier may be happy to provide you with a free audit to enable you to take a closer look at all of the factors that could be keeping your energy bills high.
  • Taking another look at your electricity tariff. If energy consumption at your business is high, it may be possible to negotiate a more competitive rate with your current utility supplier. However, you will have a better chance of landing the best tariff if you perform a full energy market comparison, perhaps by working with professional utility saving specialists.

  • Carrying out regular meter readings. Frequent and accurate meter readings will enable your business energy supplier to charge you in line with the amount of energy your firm actually uses, instead of having to resort to estimates that may be wildly off the mark. Being aware of how much energy your company uses each month allows you to budget more accurately.
  • Switching to LED light bulbs. LED lights consume less than 80% of the electricity of the traditional incandescent options, according to a recent article in The Telegraph. When you also consider that lighting can account for as much as 40% of a building’s electricity bill, as well as that some projects delivered by energy company E.ON have resulted in lighting cost reductions of up to 90%, it’s easy to see why LED lighting is becoming firmly ‘in-vogue’ among businesses. Why not check out our own LED Lighting Calculator here at INUI to figure out how much your company could save?

What about the situation in your own home?

It’s easy to forget about the wealth of ways you can reduce electricity bill costs in your own home. So try...

  • Choosing energy-efficient appliances. When the time comes to replace an appliance, you may be amazed by how much an energy-efficient model could save you in electricity expenditure over the course of a year. Think as much as £80 for a washing machine, £70 for a tumble dryer and £89 for a fridge-freezer, according to the Which? site.
  • Turning off standby appliances. Leaving such appliances as TVs, consoles and set-top boxes on standby can add a frightening amount to your energy bills. But on the bright side, this means that as revealed by Money Supermarket, simply turning appliances off at the plug could save you an average of £30 annually, rising to as much as £80 if you have a lot of gadgets in the house.

  • Paying via Direct Debit. As shown by the OXO Energy site – using figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change – you could save £50 a year on electricity by doing nothing more than switching from cash or cheque payments to Direct Debit. Nor does this take into account the literally hundreds you could save by changing tariff.
  • Fitting LED light bulbs. The efficient way in which LED bulbs work compared to their traditional alternatives – with light being given off as soon as an electric current passes through them – means far less waste heat is generated. That, in turn, can bring savings of as much as £180 over the lifetime of a bulb. To find out how much your own home’s electricity bills could be reduced, check out our simple LED Lighting Calculator.

When you want to know how to reduce your electricity bill, we can be your dependable partners here at INUI, providing you with the complete selection of energy-saving, innovative and affordable LED lighting options for your home or business. So, why hesitate to take advantage of them and the massive financial benefits they could bring?