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LED lighting design capabilities

Whether one is purchasing LED lighting for a domestic or commercial environment, the high level of flexibility that it affords in terms of lighting set-ups and the design of illuminated spaces should not be underestimated.

While many people may choose LED light bulbs due to the cost advantages that they bring over such alternatives as incandescent bulbs, others are most motivated by the sheer quality of output that they produce, with the instantaneous nature of such lighting one key factor.

An LED light bulb generates its full brightness as soon as it is turned on, unlike a compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb, which is therefore less suitable for environments in which lighting cycles on and off quickly - studies having found that CFLs have a shorter lifespan when they are turned on and off in less than 15 minutes.

How led bulbs can help to create the perfect ambience in the home

The task of choosing the right lighting for various areas of your home may have become a lot more complicated for you since the widespread withdrawal from sale of traditional incandescent bulbs. This is not least the case given that in a domestic setting, you are more likely to desire a warmer, more romantic glow than a bright, white and overly dazzling light.

One thing that you are likely to find to be consistently the case, however, is the suitability of LED light bulbs for all of the spaces of your home. The lovely, warm yellowy light that many homeowners are familiar with from traditional incandescent bulbs can be easily reproduced by amber LED filament bulbs, which are capable of delivering a cosy, romantic ambience while bringing you all of the efficiency and cost benefits of LEDs.

There are LEDs available to suit the often greatly varying requirements that you may have for different areas of your home, including the kitchen, where a clean, fresh and bright light is likely to be most desirable, and the bathroom, for which LEDs can be purchased that produce the cool, white light reminiscent of daylight. Then, of course, there is the lounge, to which LED filament bulbs with a warm white colour temperature are often ideally suited, at least for your main lighting.

What flexibility does led lighting provide in a commercial setting?

If you are looking to suitably illuminate a commercial environment such as a restaurant or retail space, the likelihood is that you will already be aware of the great role that lighting plays in creating the most appropriate ambience at your establishment.

Lighting has a powerful influence on how customers perceive your business, helping to ensure the best possible atmosphere, not just visibility. The best lighting will give you nuanced control over the mood of your commercial environment, in the process not only enabling you to convince customers to buy, but also to associate your brand with a certain visual identity that is memorable and differentiated from that of your competitors.

This is a set of objectives that it is increasingly difficult for ever-more outmoded incandescent or fluorescent lighting to fulfil. Consider, for example, the design flexibility that LED strip lights provide. Not only does the typical metre-long LED strip light only use about seven watts of power - making it around 90 per cent more efficient than other lighting - it can also be specified in any of a wide range of designs and colours to ensure that it meets the aesthetic requirements of your own business.

LED strip lights frequently offer a very literal design flexibility, with many of them being made from a flexible circuit board that can conform to almost any required shape. You may bend yours at a 90 degree angle, or install them in such seemingly unlikely locations as closets, bookcases or under kitchen cabinets.

The commercial environments in which LEDs deliver incomparable atmosphere
Various case studies have demonstrated the remarkable design versatility of LED lighting across its many forms.

Choose leds when you require the ultimate design flexibility

With the right lighting of critical importance in the creation of the ambience that you desire for your own home or business environment, your choice of light bulb should never be informed purely by cost or even environmental factors.

Turn to INUI for your premises' next LED lighting, and you can help to ensure that you choose the solutions that best fit your home or organisation's most specific design requirements. If you are in any doubt as to which solutions those should be, you are welcome to get in touch with our team for more tailored and suitably informed advice.