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The benefits of dimmable LED floodlights

Operating and setting up dimmable floodlighting using traditional types of bulbs such as metal halides and halogen would be a hassle, and you would need to install separate power lines. Instead, it is a far better idea to use modern dimmable LED flood lights that already come with an easy to use dimmer function. 

As specialists in LED lighting, at Inui we understand that LED flood lights are here to stay and they are the best flood lighting option on the market today. We are leading UK LED lighting suppliers for a reason, and we know what we are talking about. Here we have explore the benefits of dimmable LED floodlights 

Do dimmable LED floodlights provide you with more options? 

Are you a sports team looking to use LED floodlights for the benefit of both competitors and spectators? The adjustable aspect of dimmable LED floodlights can come in extremely handy in enabling you to react to sudden changes. Dimmable LED flood lights are especially useful for when the dark evenings start creeping in and you want to play sports outside.

Let’s say you are playing on an outdoor tennis court, and it is starting to get a bit dark at 8:30 pm at the end of August which is causing players to start missing shots. This could be the perfect time to turn on your dimmable LED floodlights. The dimmer control will allow you to turn the lights up a little fraction at 8:30 p.m. to improve visibility and make it easier to make out the ball. You can increasingly move the dimmer up to raise the lumen output and provide better illumination as it gets darker, or better still, put it on a timer. By the time it gets to 9:45 pm and it is pitch black, you will need the brightness to be right up if you want to continue playing a bit longer into the night. 

So, the adjustable dimmer element gives you more control over using the appropriate amount of flood lighting accordingly, and prevents you going overkill unnecessarily, as can happen with a basic ‘on/off’ switch without dimmers. Our LED Modular sports flood lights have a 0/1-10v Dimmable Driver and a DALI Dimmable Driver that will do you just fine. At Inui, we know about the importance of the freedom that having dimmable LED flood lights brings to our passionate sports customers. 

Image of sports stadium floodlight.

Improved energy efficiency 

Using a dimmer sparingly to prevent your LED floodlights from being overly bright when it isn’t needed will lead to saving energy in the long term. LEDs already are streaks ahead of traditional lighting when it comes to energy efficiency. Therefore, an LED flood light with a dimmer should lead to even lower energy wastage levels if it’s used correctly. 

Is your sports club big on committing to following sustainable practices? Get your hand on one of Inui’s impressive dimmable LED floodlights, and tell your fans or club members all about it on your social media platforms, website, newsletters, or fanmags. Sports is all about community, and keeping everyone involved and feeling part of something special. 

Increased lifespan

Given that LEDs are consistently up to 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs and their parts don’t overheat and start breaking away, it means they have a considerably longer lifespan. 

The dimmer option should allow you to further increase the lifespan of your LED flood lights. Why? Well, being dimmable means the LEDs won’t be working overtime and exerting their energy when they needn’t be.

Image of an outdoor football pitch with sports lighting.

Low maintenance and easy to use

Another benefit of dimmable LED floodlights is their convenience. LED floodlight dimmer switches are extremely low maintenance and easy to use. So, putting in heaps of physical effort to get flood lights working should be one more thing off your mind when you are using dimmable LEDs for illumination at a sports venue for a big event on dark evenings.

Ultimately, sports participants and spectators and live events want to have flood lights which will provide prime optics in any conditions, including the dark of night, fog, sleet, clouds, and rainfall. Come rain or shine, we assure you that the Inui range of dimmable LED sports stadium lighting uses cutting-edge technology that ensures all areas of the field are nice and evenly illuminated. 

Intrigued to learn more about the impressive LED floodlights for sports stadiums that we offer at Inui? Get in touch today by emailing us at sales@inui.co.uk or calling us on 01509 266355.